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Dyfi Furnace Waterfall

Dyfi Furnace Waterfall

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Welcome to my website, I am Darren, originally from Manchester but now living and working in rural snowdonia, which just happens to be a photographer’s paradise. I took up photography around 10 years ago now, But only now I have decided to start selling my work, due to a large amount of interest via my website & Facebook page and other social media pages.

All my free time is taken up Pursuing my photography addiction, i don’t go anywhere without one of my cameras. This part of Wales is a photographer’s paradise, my particular favourite subject are landscapes, seascapes and sunset in & around Tywyn & Aberdyfi but sometimes a little further afield.

I am also very happy wandering and photographing around big cities such as my home city of Manchester especially after dark which is one of my favourite subjects to photograph

Talyllyn Railway
I also spend alot of time around Talyllyn Railway which is just down the road from me, I volunteer my time to take photos for their social media, website & advertising. I attend all special events, & spend full days searching out new locations to get different & unusual photos that most people can’t get to. I have full permission & access to the railway, many parts are not accessible to the public obviously for safety & security reasons.

Work With Me
Are you a fellow creative, photographer or similar who would like to work with me, i am always up for new things, ideas & challenges, get in touch it would be great to hear from you

A camera is just a tool that lets us take images, I dont worry to much on gear choices, i went down this root, i am happy so why change. I currently used Nikon full frame camera & bag full of pro lens, Fuji XT1 mirrorless camera & DJI Mavic Pro drone.
All my editing is done on Macbook pro

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